Month: May 2018

Clinical fasting can do wonders

A way to heal Clinical fasting is a very special  Rapid Tone Diet step in the path of healing. Clinical fasting is not only about physical cleansing but also mental cleansing. No other measure requires a strong willpower, and almost no other way faces a lot of addiction, emotion, spirit of thought and fasting. However, people […]

Mushroom soup with homemade noodles

For a mildly mild mushroom soup, Rapid Tone Shark Tank  we made our own UrDinkel pasta, which is much simpler than you would expect. Certainly worth it, because UrDinkel at hand, is an old type of spell that was not, like most other verbs, wheat crosses. On the other hand, these noodles taste very good. In […]

Millet of basil with sesame seeds

For this recipe, cook the millet PureFit Keto  in oatmeal and add a mixture of small oatmeal, almonds, yeast flakes and lots of basil. The result was millet, which was so well cooked that it could almost be dispensed without accompaniment; There would still be something like a tasty drink. With soft and smooth flavors and […]

Mental stress overwhelms the mood

Healthy eating improves mental health Having a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables does not have many beneficial effects only on your physical health. It also has Keto Ultra Diet a significant impact on mental health, according to a study published in February 2017. Anyone who eats more fruits and vegetables of the day, already […]

Ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day!

Vegetables and fruits avoid the most common cause of death No doubt, you know this Purefit Keto recommendation, but you should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily if you want to stay healthy and alert. This advice is obviously not up to date. According to researchers at Imperial College London, ten daily servings of […]

Control the appetite for fast food

Fast food is the food that is prepared at any time and can be consumed in a short time. Since this is consistent with the spirit of the current era, you can now find a fast food restaurant or sausage stand, or Pommes or kebab shop or Pizzabude on every corner of the streets. When […]

Kidney and bladder cancer through meat consumption

Red meat increases the risk of cancer For a long time it is suspected that regular consumption of red meat, of course, this includes sausages made from it, to increase the risk of cancer. Especially in the development of stomach cancer, red meat should be involved. Therefore, the iron of the heim, which gives flesh […]

Lambert et al. As we see, contrary to what most people think

More recently, nutrient intake around training has gained significant weight in athletes’ performance. Some authors explicitly state that the time when supplements are handled becomes more important than the total daily amount Personally, I believe that the “moment” (when taking food or supplements) is important in the elderly. It has been observed that fewer foods […]