Month: July 2018

Water quality and colloidal silver

Tap water is completely inadequate for the production of colloidal silver, since this chlorine is regularly buried. In addition, carbonates, sulfates and chlorides with insoluble silver compounds, so although silver salts are recovered, but not colloidal silver. Colloidal silver should be made with spring water The source water is also removed due to its high Keto […]

Breast cancer Legend of Jane

Or why the effect of genes on breast cancer is very small. Breast cancer and many other diseases, due to certain genes, must continue in the family and be repeated from generation to generation, the same horror. A new study questioned this theory, and instead found that they are not inherited heirs, but are behaviors […]

The truth about bentonite

Bentonite is a healing clay of extraordinary strength. The most important feature is the absorption of toxins from the digestive system and adaptation of the intestinal environment. This in turn promotes the development of healthy intestinal plants and in this way significantly activates the self-healing powers of the organism. Again and again one hears some […]

Improve air quality through plants

If you are often in close quarters and still want to breathe fresh air free of contamination, you should take your green apartment and share it with houseplants. But not with indoor plants, but with very specific indoor plants, specifically those that have specialized in absorbing pollutants and can release the internal air of toxic […]

Olive oil for Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is less common in the Mediterranean than in the temperate region. For this, scientists believe, olive oil may be responsible. Initially, it was thought that the only multiple in olive oil, which had a beneficial effect on brain health and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, fatty acids. But now you know more … Alzheimer’s disease […]

Lymphatic cleansing for 3 days

Lymphatic cleansing is incredibly effective, especially if you are using a basic diet plus or an alkaline and colon cleanse last month. Lymphatic therapy for three days is the perfect end to any colon cleansing program. Three days is the minimum budget you need to cleanse your lymphatic system. Through the three-day program described below, […]

Semolina biphonol A in sales receipts

Checks, airline tickets, receipts from ATMs and many other paper products contain bisphenol A, a toxic substance similar to hormones. If you take the paper, this can only cause the BPA to be loaded at the height of your body. But not only through the skin does BPA enter the body. If you eat a […]

Pinhole – When the hole becomes a sac of pus

Although the hole can be restored historically to the first human civilizations, it can be harmful. Therefore, the hole or perforation of the skin, adipose tissue and cartilage at different points of the body is one of the oldest, but also the most dangerous, ways to modify the body. For what seems to be done […]

Peanuts and peanut butter help you lose weight

Peanuts and peanut butter are considered true price bombs and certainly not a privilege for those who want to lose weight. But this can be peanuts. In a study at the University of Houston, researchers found that increasing the weight of school children, who eat regularly, lose weight more easily than children who do not […]

Alcohol: What is the extent of the neurotoxic damage?

Alcohol is both neurotoxic and Keto Slim a drug, but it is still easily available everywhere. Alcohol is also socially acceptable. Yes, not often, a person who does not want to drink alcohol is considered inclined. However, the possible addiction to alcohol is so strong that many millions of people are under control. Alcohol is also […]