Beet juice rejuvenates the brain

Beet juice rejuvenates the brain
Beet juice is a perfect sports drink. Now it has been shown that beet juice can not only improve physical performance but also mental health. If older people drink beet juice before exercise, not only will the strength and strength of the body increase, but it will also allow the brain to function more efficiently. Its sudden rhythm reminds a younger brain after drinking red beet juice, according to a study by Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Beet juice for the heart, blood vessels and brain.
The beet has a very beneficial effect on the blood vessels and, therefore, on Gethealthyfreedom the blood circulation, as we have already explained here: the beet: the Sportlergemüse. Red beets dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure and reduce pressure on the heart.

In sport, it is demonstrated by the fact that the oxygen demand in the heart decreases and, at the same time, more oxygen is transferred to the muscles and, in this way, both the strength and the strength of the training height.

However, healthy blood vessels and fast-flowing blood not only lead to a healthy heart, but also to a strong brain. The whole body is healthy, because a good circulation of the blood is a prerequisite for an optimal metabolism. Each device is optimized for nutrients and oxygen, while waste can be eliminated and discharged quickly.

Beet juice improves the positive effects of sports on the brain
We know from some research that physical exercise has a positive effect on the brain, “says study author Jack Jack Rijski of Wake Forest University, North Carolina.
But in our current study, we have been able to show that brain performance in the elderly can be increased better if they drink regular beet juice and sport. The activity of your brain is almost like the activity of young people. ”

Only a healthy diet can keep the brain small
Of course, more research is needed in this area to demonstrate that the results are replicable at any time. However, the researchers point out that it is important to remember how important nutrition is to maintain a healthy and healthy brain, something we know repeatedly. For example: an unhealthy diet causes brain shrinkage

The Rejeskis study was published on November 9, 2016 in Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences. It is the first experiment in sports and beet juice in which the joint effect of these two agents on Gethealthyfreedom the nervous system in the motor cortex (an area in the brain where voluntary movements are controlled) was investigated.

Six weeks of beet juice and exercise were enough to replenish the brain.
The study included 26 men and women older than 55 years. They did not exercise, had high blood pressure and did not take more than two medications to control their blood pressure.

For six weeks, half of the participants took a dietary supplement of beet juice (with 560 mg of nitrate per dose) three times a week, one studied each before walking 50 minutes in a moderate cycle. The other half also completed a vicious circle, but received a placebo supplement.

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