It contains beta-glucan, a component that regulates

Oats are known as Grain Queen, thanks to their general health and mainly because they have excellent nutritional benefits for heart care.

It contains beta-glucan, a component that regulates LDL cholesterol levels, absorbs all this and bile acids for the intestine and helps eliminate it naturally. With oatmeal every day, cholesterol levels can be reduced by up to 5%.

In addition, these fibers help absorb slower carbohydrates, which prevents the increase of blood glucose levels abruptly. For this reason, oats are recommended in diabetic patients.

Another benefit of oats is that it prevents constipation. Being composed of soluble and insoluble fibers, it has the ability to soften the mucosa of the stomach, facilitating intestinal transit. In addition, it produces a feeling of fullness, which reduces appetite and cooperates with the idea of ​​reaching a healthy weight and maintaining your physical condition.

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According to some studies, the qualities of oatmeal even reach antidepressant properties, reduce fatigue, prevent baldness and improve the immune system.

Among its properties, oats contain antioxidants and fibers that help maintain the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of cancer. It is also an integrated pill rich in iodine, which prevents hyperthyroidism.

Amounts of vitamins and oats

Oat meal table is 39g

From the above, a series of conclusions can be drawn about the benefits that oats can consume regularly in different devices and systems, through which we can highlight the most interesting:

Oats, brain and nervous system
Especially because of its magnesium content and some B vitamins, oats provide effective weapons in the body to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia or hyperactivity, among other disorders associated with the function of neurons.

Oats and skin
Oatmeal is standardized as a very interesting ingredient to be included in combinations for topical use in the presence of certain diseases such as dermatitis, acne or psoriasis, which exert a calming and anti-itching effect (soothes the itch).

Oats and digestive system
Reference is made in the case of heartburn, diaphragmatic hernia and stomach and intestinal ulcers. On the other hand, if it is of ecological origin, it helps to regulate the intestinal bacterial flora and improves the peristalsis, anti-constipation.

Characteristics and benefits of oats
Reduction of oats and cholesterol and its activity in blood biochemistry
Here we must focus attention on the level of cholesterol in the blood. Oats are due to a significant balance effect of LDL, bad cholesterol, HDL or good cholesterol.

Several studies have suggested that this force is associated with the β-glucan in its structure, part of the carbohydrate that inhibits the absorption of bile salts in the intestinal tube, thus promoting excretion through the feces pathway. This phenomenon leads to lower cholesterol.

To have an idea of ​​oats in relation to this compound and reduce cholesterol, we will say that 40 grams daily are consumed to provide approximately half the amount of beta glucan necessary for this metabolic effect to be palpable.

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