What we all know that recharging or recharging

In this article, we will try to explain what makes these diapers, and the difference between them and the free meals, also known as “food traps” and will tell you the correct way to do it, as well as the benefits that can be provide according to the needs of each one. The terms that we generally guarantee on the basis of equality, but in fact are not exactly identical or include similar procedures.

Consisting of
What we all know that recharging or recharging glycogen is simply a certain period of time we change in our diet routine by consuming a greater number of calories in order to cope with some negative effects, which are described then, they appear after a certain period of restriction phase.

Duration of the query
This will vary depending on factors such as the percentage of body fat per person, the type of diet or subsequent training, or the ability to recharge only for five hours or even the ability to achieve two days.

To make it easy to understand, give an example: a person who follows a diet during the week and who is doing intensive weight training or HIIT will not have a period to re-equate the value of a severely trained person. Of course, in the first case, the feeding must be done for a longer period of time, while in the second example it can only be hours.

To give you a little idea of ​​what we are talking about, you can look at the Lyle McDonald calendar this year, which indicates the recommended recharge time, and the frequency based on these criteria.

During this break in our traditional food, in addition to increasing the calories we take significantly, what Nholh is eating large amounts of carbohydrates, to generate the nutrition we seek to normalize the levels of the hormone leptin, among other things, In addition to reducing more significantly Eat fat for optimal benefit. Regarding the intake of proteins, sometimes more secondary, it is recommended to reduce their intake to body mass of 1-2 g / kg.

As for the famous moment and the different hydrates to eat, do not worry too much. It is a temporary interruption in our diet with a certain degree of freedom as long as we comply and follow the general structure that requires it
Distinguish between nutrition and freedom or “trap”
Two concepts that, in principle, if we are not very familiar with this world, we confuse them and include them in the same bag but in the end they have nothing to do with it. So far we have identified a little more in the form of incentives, and here we will draw the differences.

Different styles
What we generally know as free foods or “traps” remains a temporary period of change in our diet, but follows a different pattern from that of glycogen replacement. In this case, as the name implies, they are a meal in which we can eat the food we want (without getting angry with eating until it explodes, without free food is not so bad) without having to do it. Fill the hydrate and restrict the fat.

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