Zinc oxide sunscreen: DNA risk?

Zinc oxide sunscreen: DNA risk?
Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology recently published results on how zinc oxide works in human cells. It is assumed that the material in many natural cosmetic sun creams triggers a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with ultraviolet rays, forming unstable molecules. These free radicals are in accordance with the evaluation of the compounds of Dr. Yinfa Ma, leader of the study, with other molecules and DNA attack.

For the tests, performed only on the test tube, but not on the skin, but the lung cells were exposed to UV light of long wavelength. Three hours later, half of the cells, through the reaction of zinc oxide in sunlight, died within 12 hours, 90% of the cells were destroyed.

This is not surprising, since the lung cells are not produced at least or would be suitable for radiation to the sun. The lung cells are located deep in the body, not like skin cells on the surface. In addition, many Prache cream people know from experience that using zinkoxidhaltigen sun creams from a health food store simply does not destroy 90 percent of skin cells, even if you are with this sunscreen every day in the sun. Beach.

Professor Mas’s study also used nanoparticles less than 100 nanometers, not those recommended for sunlight, which is much larger (more than 330 nanometers). In addition, the sunscreen contains antioxidants (for example, vitamin E oil), so you. U. resulting in the elimination of free radicals immediately.

Moderate Solar Bath – Natural protection without risk
Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D and the two secretions of happiness. Therefore, it can not be a substitute for avoiding the sun due to the dubious sunlight. Because it is no less dangerous than the health risks caused by too much sunlight due to lack of vitamin D, little sun.

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